How to Set Up Pole for Bass Fishing?

How to Set Up Pole for Bass Fishing?

Let us say you are hoping to make the best out of your next bass fishing expedition. There are some things you might have to do if you hope to end up with the best fishing experience.

Today, we want to look at the process of how to set up a pole for bass fishing. Below are the steps you can follow to make your experience better.

What you will need

  • A reel
  • A lure
  • Scissors
  • Rod
  • Fishing line

Putting the fishing line onto the reel

First, you have to open the bail arm of the reel and then proceed to tie on the line. Depending on experience, you can choose different types of knots to set up the line. Once the line is in position, proceed to close the bail arm.

If you are a beginner, then using a partner might be necessary to help keep the line in possible so that it does not come off when closing the bail arm. Always keep the line tight whenever you are loading the reel to avoid kinks and twists.

Mount the reel

What follows is mounting the reel. Proceed to cut the line when the reel is loaded, but not overfull. For most reels, you will get them having a line clip on their sides. Clip the line at this point. Proceed to mount the reel which is located near the handle. Ensure to screw the mount tight to hold the line in position.

Take the line through the line guides

At this point, you have to open the bail arm and put the line through the line guides. Once this is done, close the bail arm, leaving about a meter of the line at the top of the line guide.

Attach the lure

You are almost done as this step involves adding a lure to the pole. Depending on the lure, you might have to tie a different note for each. It is best if you can practice with various knots to find the best one for you. Once the lure is attached, cut off the left-over line and then head out to start fishing.

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