V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System Review

David Reid February 5, 2014 0

Back in 2013/o2/09 I did an article on “Live well or Death Well”. One of the products that was mentioned in the article was the V-T2 Ventilation System.

V-T2 livewell vents

V-T2 are sold 2 per package.

Just a quick recap about this product. The product is a venting system that is easy to install yourself. It helps the heat to escape in the live well, increases the circulation and cools your live well with the boat’s movement. It also helps with oxygen levels and removable of the metabolic gases that build up in the live well over the day. The vent is designed to prevent water from spill out of it.

Flip Clips are used to keep fish upright and at the bottom of the livewell. Simply clip on to the bottom fin.

Flip Clips are used to keep fish upright and at the bottom of the livewell. Simply clip oneon to the bottom fin.

In the spring of 2013, when my V-T2 vents arrived I was excited to install them. The package included two of the V-T2 vents, bolts with nylon nuts. The instructions are on the under side of the package and straight forward. You can see in my pictures above that it isn’t hard to do and doesn’t take much time to install them. I placed a garbage bag into my live well to catch any debris that fell into it while I drilled the holes for the vents and bolt holes.

Since most of the testimonials on the V-T2 NewPro Products website are on both Large and Smallmouth Bass, one Crappie and one on Blue Catfish, I could hardly wait to try it out on Walleye. Since Walleye are not as hardy as Bass are and my live well is smaller (19 gallon) than the bigger boats are I figured this would be a great test for the V-T2 vents. To make it even tougher I filled my live well with two limits (8 fish) of 12 to 14 inch Walleye. Smaller fish use more oxygen than larger fish do. I didn’t add any additives to my live well to calm the fish neither so they were in their natural state for eight hours keeping them active in the live well. The only thing that I did was run my live well pump all the time when not on plane. I used them during the spring, summer and fall, in all weather conditions, water conditions and temperatures.

V-T2 installedWalleye were also caught in various depths during the season with the ones coming deeper than 23 feet had Flip Clips attached to their fins to keep them upright in the live well until they were able to swim upright on their own. I am happy to report that I never lost a fish all season. The fish were very active and healthy at the end of the day. I encourage everyone that is interested in the V-T2 vents to check out their website at www.newproproducts.com or visit them on Facebook.

Don’t be caught without them next season. I know that from now on that all my boats will have the V-T2 vents installed in their live wells!

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