A Personal Best Fish for Adam

Andy Yu June 1, 2010 1

Adam releasing a fish.

Hit up Kenogamissi again on Monday night with Adam.  It was a rainy Monday but by the time work finished at 4:30 things were clearing up and the sun  was starting to peek through the clouds.  I blasted home, hooked up the boat and gave Ad a call… “Let’s FISH!”

15 minutes later Ad’s at my place and we’re ready to roll.  I figured we’d work the spots I tried out on the weekend. They produced fish, so I was sure they would again.  It’s just a matter of finding the size to go along with the quantitiy.

Sure enough, as soon as we dropped our lines we were into the fish.  All throwbacks but we continued on.  Ad decided to switch up the go-getter for a jig and minnow.  A few tosses later, WHAM!!!!  Fish on!  But this wasn’t a fish that was going to be reeled in fast and flipped into the boat.  This one required the net.  So I got the net ready and watched Ad fight this monster at the end of his line.  It was either a nice sized pike or a really big pickerel.  My bet was on a pike.

A few drag pulls, dives, thumps and minutes later, we see the creature surface.  We saw the back first… SPINES!!!  WALLEYE… HUGE WALLEYE!  Ad carefully brought it up to the boat and I quickly netted the monster and into  the boat.  WOW, it was an amazing looking fish.  It’s size, shape, color, everything about it was just… perfect!  A couple of high-fives around, handshakes, pat on the back.  We weighed it and it came out to 8 solid pounds.  The length was just over 27 inches.  Absolutely amazing.  A personal best for Adam.  The second largest live walleye I’ve ever seen (Mike’s being the largest at 10.5 lbs!).

Adam holding his 8 pound walleye

Adam decided not to eat it (lol) or mount it (on the wall!) and opted for a live release.  It is a respectable specimen of a Northern Ontario walleye and it rewarded Adam with his largest walleye seen and caught, a great fight, memories and a few great photos.  So,  Adam repaid the fish with a live release, to be caught another day.

Certainly the highlight of the day.  What a great way to end the Spring fishing season and start the summer!  We continued fishing the lake and were getting into the fish all night, right until sundown.  Two were kept for dinner.

It’s looking like a good fishing season so far.  Tim’s 6 pounder and now Adam’s 8 pounder.  What’s next… or rather, who’s next?

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    Grant clake January 26, 2016 at 1:59 am -

    I cought a released a 11.5 pounder at the far narrows of the lake 3 summers ago

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